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Hello Danes

Puppy Socialization Guide

Puppy Socialization Guide

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Do you have a giant breed puppy, or are you about to get one?

If so, you know that they need to be socialized early on in order to grow into well-adjusted adults. Most people, however, get socialization wrong. 

Poor socialization can create dogs that are timid, fearful, reactive, and unpredictable. 

That’s where our guide comes in. We provide all of the information you need to socialize your pup like a pro – from introducing them to other dogs, to taking them for walks in public places and learning to be calm, friendly, and indifferent. 

We use a science-backed, positive approach to early training and experiences, so that your dog will be a stable, friendly, confident dog for years to come. 

You’ll be able to relax and enjoy your pup’s puppyhood because socialization should be FUN!

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Behind the Brand

Meet Hello Danes

We are Great Dane lovers who started Hello Danes during the pandemic.

As we raised our puppies, we realized that so much information out there was hopelessly outdated. Not to mention, there is a serious shortage of giant-breed dog-sized merch!

Hello Danes was born and has quickly become the go-to resource for owners of giant breed dogs. We offer a curated shop, not to mention a robust blog full of modern and science-backed positive training, nutrition, and care advice.

Read on, friends...

We 💕 Big Dogs

Our shop isn't just about Great Danes. We love all giant breed dogs and the people who care for them!